Expanding Our Borders

CBIS’ goals for 2008 include expanding our investment program lineup, addressing the growing demand for our services in European and other non-U.S. markets, and expanding our SRI work with companies domiciled outside the U.S. Our new shareholder, The Center of the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools, will be a strong source of support in all these areas. In addition, mindful of the educational aspect of our mission, we will continue our educational outreach to Catholic fiduciaries in the U.S. and overseas. Where we differ from our competitors is in our commitment to not only serve participants’ investment needs but to encourage the adoption worldwide of an approach to portfolio stewardship by Catholic institutions that we know will help produce stronger long-term investment returns for CBIS participants and a better world for all.

With a fortified institutional foundation, a new shareholder partner and exciting plans for future growth, we look forward to 2008 and beyond with renewed optimism and a heightened sense of possibility. We wish to thank all CBIS participants for your support during 2007 and we hope to be an even more effective agent on your behalf in 2008 and in future years.

Raoul L. Carroll Raoul L. Carroll Raoul L. Carroll
Chairman of the Board
Michael W. O’Hern, FSC Michael W. O’Hern, FSC Michael W. O’Hern, FSC
President & Chief Executive Officer