CBIS asks that portfolio companies hire a diverse workforce and disclose workforce demographic data on an annual basis. We hold ourselves to these same standards. Each year, we report on our commitment to diversity in our annual report to participants. The CBIS diversity policy is defined by the following premises:

  • We value each person for his or her unique contribution to our service.
  • We value the different backgrounds and perspectives that each person brings.
  • We work to allow each person to develop his or her potential.
  • We work to integrate our collective talent for the benefit of our participants.

We also favor investment managers who meet our diversity criteria. Each prospective CBIS sub-adviser is asked to detail its organizational structure, including the number of women and racial minorities on its executive team and in senior management positions. We also ask about each firm’s anti-discrimination policies and the specific actions undertaken to meet its diversity commitment. Finally, we ask for data that outlines the composition of its workforce, just as we provide here. All this information is carefully evaluated during the manager selection process.

CBIS employed a total of 55 individuals at year-end 2007. The tables below compare our workforce demographics to those of the securities industry in general. While we are a relatively small firm by securities industry standards, we believe the data confirms our commitment to diversity and supports the perception by our employees, participants and SRI industry partners that CBIS is dedicated to building and maintaining a diverse workforce.

2007 CBIS Diversity

% Male Female White Black Hispanic Asian
All  47 53 74 18 4 4
Officers 100 0 67 33 0 0
Supervisors 78 22 100 0 0 0
Professionals  48 52 76 14 5 5
Office & Clerical Workers  16 84 63 27 5 5

2006 EEO-1 Aggregate Report — Security & Commodity Brokers

% Male Female White Black Hispanic Asian
All 58 42 75 11 5 9
Officials & Managers 66 34 84 6 3 7
Professionals 59 41 74 8 4 14
Office & Clerical Workers  41 59 67 19 8 6